Who We Are

Show Pros ARRT Institute is a division of Show Pros Entertainment Services of Charlotte Inc.

Our staff has many years of experience in  training, compliance and law enforcement related to selling and serving alcoholic beverages.

What We Do

The institute was established in 2009 to provide a variety of services related to training, ABC permitting and alcohol related consulting.

We provide employees with seller/server training covering all high liability issues.  Our training  is a comprehensive  class covering topics including: sales to underage and intoxicated persons, signs of intoxication, dram shop/civil liability, hours of sale, acceptable forms of identification, conduct on the premises and more.

The institute can develop customized training for your business, incorporating state rules and your companies own policies.

We conduct customer service and ethics training for employees and first line supervisors.

We provide consulting services for government, private and non-profit agencies.

We assist ABC permitted establishments find solutions when an ABC violation occurs.

We provide door-to-door ABC permitting services.  The ABC permitting process is complicated and time consuming.

Do your employees operate within the laws and rules?  What level of customer service do your employees provide?  Let us help you evaluate your staff and operations with our Risk Assessment inspection.  This inspection can be either overt or covert.  At the conclusion of the inspection we provide you with a written report of our findings.

We currently offer services in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Visit our Services section for more information about our services.

Our Promise to You the Customer

We will reduce your liability

We will increase your profits

SHOW PROS Alcohol Risk Reduction Training Institute or ARRT, is a division of Show Pros Entertainment Services Inc.

Our Commitment
We are committed to providing you, our customer with the highest level of professionalism and customer care. Our goal is to keep you as a customer. We will continue to remain a resource for you and your business. We value you as a customer and will do what it takes to keep you as a customer.