Proof of employee training is the first defense in a Dramshop lawsuit in North Carolina.  Training employees on alcohol beverage sales and service is one of the most important responsibilities of business owners.  In legal terms this is referred to as “Duty of Care”.

What is Duty of Care?

The law says that if it is reasonably foreseeable that you might suffer some sort of harm (intoxication for example) or loss (death for example) because of something someone else does , (selling to intoxicated persons, for example) then that person owes you a duty of care.  This means someone must act with a reasonable standard of care.  There are certain “duties” employees are expected to perform with respect to selling and serving alcohol.  If this person does not follow their standard of care, and you suffer harm or loss as a result, then they have been negligent.

You cannot eliminate liability but there are many things you can do to “manage” your liability.  Training is the first step!

Our ARRT class covers all of the high liability issues.  Some of the topics covered include:  sales to underage, sales to intoxicated patrons, signs of intoxication, intervention techniques, hours of sale, Dram Ship liability, acceptable forms of identification and more.

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Reduce Your liability!

Selling and serving alcoholic beverages is a profitable yet risky business. It only takes one lawsuit to damage your companies reputation and bottom line. Understanding the laws, rules and regulations will ensure you operate in a safe and responsible manner. You have an obligation to protect your patrons and the general public by selling and serving alcohol responsibly and legally.

"Proof of good practices (including but not limited to, instruction of employees as to the laws regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages, training of employees, enforcement techniques, ..." are defenses to selling or serving alcoholic beverages to underage persons in North Carolina. Even in states that do not have "dram shop" laws, providing employee training will help decrease your liability and mitigate violations and lawsuits.

SHOW PROS Alcohol Risk Reduction Training Institute or ARRT, is a division of Show Pros Entertainment Services Inc. Established in January 2010, the institute provides a variety of services including: employee seller/server training, customer service training, risk assessment inspections, special event consulting, and turn-key assistance with obtaining ABC permits.