Alcohol Risk Reduction Training (ARRT)

Training for your employees on all of the high-liability issues, customer service and ethics.  The class takes approximately 1.5 hours.

ABC Permitting Services

We provide “one-stop” permitting services.  From completing the forms to setting up your inspections, we do it all.


Our staff can assist you with all aspects of selling and serving alcoholic beverages.  We provide comprehensive inspections of establishments to insure compliance with federal, state and local laws.  We assist festivals and special events on alcohol related training, staffing and operational issues.

Risk Assessment Inspection

The Risk Assessment Inspection was created as a tool to assist you in determining how your business is doing.  Do you really know what goes on at your business when you are not there?

ABC Violations

We will screen your case and provide advice on whether you should seek legal councel or try to settle the case yourself.  We work with local attorney’s who can assist you if needed.

Alcohol Policies and Procedures

We will review your companys policies and procedures related to ABC Laws and Regulations to insure they adequetly protect your business  We can also assist you with developing policies or write a set of policies for you.

Guest Speaker/Presenter

If you would like a guest speaker to discuss, present or train on topics related to ABC Laws, Underage Drinking, Prevention, ABC System, Alcohol Control States or Privatization contact us.

Attorney Support

We provide investigative and other support to law firms who need expert assistance in the area of ABC Laws and regulations, training, investigations and data collection.

We provide expert testimony at criminal and civil hearings on the “Standard of Care” for employees engaged in the business of selling and serving alcoholic beverages.

Customized training

We develop customized training to incorporate your companies policies and procedures.

College and Universities

We provide alcohol awareness training for incoming freshman students at colleges and universities throughout the southeast.