Is training mandatory in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia?
A.   No.    State law does not require training except in South Carolina.  If an employee is charged with selling alcohol to an underage person the employee is required to receive alcohol awareness training from an approved vendor. Show Pros is an approved vendor.
Do servers have to be certified in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia?
A.   No.  But alcohol training must be approved by the state in North Carolina and South Carolina.  Show Pros ARRT training has been approved in both states.
Does my staff really need to be trained?
A.  Yes.   The benefits of having properly trained staff are one of the most important things an owner can do.  Understanding the laws regarding alcohol sales and service will help keep employees from making costly mistakes, protect your business and protect the public.  Many insurance companies provide discounts for liquor liability if employees are trained.    In North Carolina, the first defense to a dram shop lawsuit is “proof of training”.    Show Pros can provide this essential training for your employees at your place of business and at a date and time suited to your needs.
Is training expensive?
A.  No.  The cost of training is minimal.
How long is the training?
A.  1.5 hours
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